Sparkles from Silence, Excerpt 2

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On her way to the bathroom in the middle of the night, Debbie overhears her parents discussing problems with the coming baby.

Trying not to let the floorboards creak, I hear Mom and Daddy talking in their bedroom.

“I can feel him moving.” Daddy chuckles. “Pretty active kid.”

Him? Daddy wants another boy?

Mom giggles. “Yeah, when I feel those kicks, I’m so glad he’s alive. But a moment later, I’m worrying about what handicaps the poor little thing will have to deal with.” Her voice ends in a little sob.

“It’s going to be okay, sweetheart.” Daddy talks to her like she’s a baby herself.

“Maybe we should have gone to Sweden.”

“No. Sweden wasn’t the answer. We would never have forgiven ourselves.”

Why would they go to Sweden? They had wanted to give away the baby?

 “God is going to see us through this. You’ll see.” Daddy’s voice is firm.

“But our lives are never going to be the same.”

“Does it really matter? As long as we have each other, life doesn’t have to be the same.”

I don’t hear the rest. Mom’s answer is muffled as I hurry to the bathroom. I can’t hold it anymore.

Besides, I want to think about Daddy’s question. Would it be such a big deal for us to change some things? Is it so terrible to live with a handicapped person? My fourth grade teacher was blind. Everyone had hoped to get into her class. She never felt sorry for herself, and she had a great seeing-eye dog.

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