Sparkles from Silence, Excerpt 3

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Excerpt 3

Debbie has two little brothers. She desperately wants a sister. When Phil was born, the girl’s name picked out had been Diana. Again, Diana was her parents’ choice for a girl when Wayne was born. Debbie is convinced if they try for Diana again, the baby will be a boy.

The Baby Name Game

Daddy taps his fingers on the steering wheel. “Let’s hear some serious suggestions. I like Doris, but no one else seems to care for it.”

“That’s right. You almost named me Doris.” I give a little kick to the back of his seat. “Nobody gets named that anymore. I don’t think I would’ve ever forgiven you if you called me that. Or worse, Dottie.”

“Dottie never appealed to me either,” Mom says.

“Now your mom, she is definitely a Dorothy. Like in the Wizard of Oz, she took me over the rainbow.” Daddy wiggles his eyebrows at her. “She still does.”

Mom gives his shoulder a playful smack. “Keep your eyes on the road, Romeo.”

I like it when they get romantic. Phil rolls his eyes. “Yuck.”

Wayne rolls his eyes, too, and echoes the yuck but looks puzzled.

Mom resumes the game. “How about something simple like Anne or Jane?” She corrects herself. “No, not Jane. But how about Anne?”

Daddy shakes his head. “Anne Hansen sounds like a ladies’ clothing line at Sears.”

“You don’t like anything I come up with.” In exasperation, Mom lifts her chin and fans her neck with a folded road map.

“I like Diana.” He is maddeningly smug.

“No.” Mom and I answer at once. Ah. Mom agrees with me.

A beautiful name enters my head. I don’t know anyone by that name, but I’ve heard of it.

“How about Krista?” I ask the question very quietly then hold my breath hoping for a positive response. I want this name. It’s perfect.

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