Excerpt 19

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It’s the summer after sixth grade, Nancy has moved away, and Debbie is lonely and bored.

All I want is for school to start again. I could spend forever reading books, learning history, solving arithmetic problems, and singing in choir. When I’m done with high school, I’ll go to college, and when I’m done with college, I’ll teach school until I’m so old they’ll have to roll me out at the end of the day in my wheelchair.



I drop the clover and hop to my feet. I could teach school this summer. Nursery school. Yes! We could do a music time, a gym time, a story time, snack time, lesson time. When I count all the houses on both sides of my street and around the block, there have to be at least a dozen little kids between the ages of two and four. The moms will be delighted to get a break for a couple of hours every day, and I can make some money. I’ll have a real job. This is going to be great!


And Mom gives the okay. Stay tuned for Excerpt 20 in September for a glimpse of Debbie’s  “school.”

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