Excerpt 21

Debbie and Francie finally get to see each other at summer camp. However, before they even get to the registration desk, Krista creates a bit of a scene.

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Mom is already striding toward the registration lines, so I guess it’s up to me to get Krista out of her car seat. When I set her on the ground, she gazes around at all the action. Kids run in every direction. Grown-ups bustle across our path loaded down with sleeping bags and suitcases. She starts to tippy toe toward Mom until she notices two big dogs lying under the registration table.

Krista isn’t keen on dogs. She dances back to me like a clumsy pixie and grabs my hand.

“It’s okay,” I say, but she slows her pace until she stops altogether, looks at me and reaches up her arms.

“They’re nice doggies,” I reassure her.

I pick her up and head straight for the dogs. Phil and Wayne are petting the golden one since the black one is asleep.

When I bend down to pet the yellow one and to give Krista the opportunity to touch his silky ears, she climbs up my face and perches on top of my head, screeching.

I crab walk backwards as quickly as I can without knocking her to the ground. Not a great first impression at my new camp.

Mom looks down at me, annoyed. Before she can say anything, I hear a welcome voice.

Francie snatches Krista from my head and shoulders, swings her onto a hip and reaches out her other hand to help me stand. As soon as I’m on my feet, she squeezes the breath out of me.

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