Excerpt 23

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Debbie’s first day of junior high school isn’t turning out to be so bad. She just met a new girl who needs a friend as much as she does. And she’s beginning to notice boys. Krista is not in her thoughts at the moment!

Sarah and I compared the two slips of paper as the classroom filled up with more students. Between Marty drumming on his desk with two pencils and voices shouting over one another, the two class schedules did the talking for us. Yes! We had gym together fourth period, and then fifth period English, which meant we’d have the same lunch hour. We smiled at each other in happy relief.  Someone to sit with at lunch.

Motion in front of my desk caused me to lift my attention from our plans. Chip set a spiral notebook on his desk. Then he placed his pen along one edge of the notebook. He was tall. Last year, when we had to do square dancing, the top of Chip’s head reached my shoulder. Before he could sit down, I stood up and grabbed a pencil from my desk. As I passed by him on my way to the pencil sharpener, I discovered I was at eye level with his shoulder.

By the time I returned from my unnecessary errand, Chip sat at his desk studying his schedule. My bashfulness kept the word “hi” stuck in my throat.

Marty cleared his. When I glanced his way, he wore a smirk with attitude, kind of like the way he sported his black T-shirt. Did he notice my surprise about how much Chip had changed? Was I that obvious?

 Marty leaned back in his seat, arms behind his head. “Nice dress, Debbie. You look good in red.”

My face probably matched the dress.

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