Excerpt 25

I promised we would get back to Sparkles from Silence this month after all the excitement of getting an agent and promoting a fellow writer’s debut book. One more excerpt, and we will have reached the conclusion. Not to worry. Book 2, Dance in the Desert, is already written, and Debbie’s and Krista’s story will continue!

To read from the beginning, click here. To read the previous chapter, click here.

Krista has been in the hospital for two weeks undergoing tests to find out why she doesn’t walk correctly or talk at all.  On the day she is to come home, Mom tells Debbie to make soup and sandwiches for dinner. But the kids are sick of soup and sandwiches. They decide to make spaghetti. How hard could it be?


We go to work. Wayne has trouble getting the filled pot of water out from under the faucet and onto the stove. With only a little spillover, he manages the move and turns the burner on high. Phil has no trouble getting the sauce out of the can and into a smaller pot. He sets it on the stove and turns that burner on high. I gather vegetables from the refrigerator, a knife from the drawer, and the wooden cutting board.

“Doesn’t Mom wash the lettuce?” Wayne asks as I tear the leaves and put them in three little bowls.

“Don’t be ridiculous. Who wants soap on their lettuce?” I continue to fill each bowl.

His brow wrinkles. “I know I’ve seen her put it all on paper towels to dry.”

“Well, I’m not doing that tonight.”

I smell something burning. The sauce. It’s boiling already. And spitting red blobs all over the top of the stove. I rush to turn down the heat.

Phil pulls the pot off the burner, grabs the spoon, and starts scraping the bottom.

I try to stop his hand. “No. Leave it. It’s probably burnt down there.”

Too late. Black bits float to the top.

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