Worthy of Our Praise

When God says no to my short-sighted demands, He shows me the beauty beyond.

Do you ever feel God doesn’t hear your prayers, that He doesn’t care? Have you been praying a specific prayer for forever, and nothing has happened?

I’m not promising easy answers to those questions. I’m still seeking answers myself. No cookie cutter solutions–which I’m sure you’ve already given up on, but I hope this blog site and author website can provide hope while we both wait for the God of the universe to finish His work behind the scenes.

Once a month, I post an excerpt from my novel-in-progress. Debbie and her family are waiting on God, too. I may also add photos of my sister and our family, the real-life Debbie, Krista, Phil, and Wayne!

Also once a month, I post an article related to thoughts on God and people and the universe–spiritual metaphors most often.

I trust He has a perfect plan for me–and for you, plans to make us better than we ever dreamed.

The God who set the galaxies in motion and who put together all the parts of an atom is more than worthy of our praise!