linda-samaritoni-lr-4Welcome! I’m so glad you’re curious to learn a little about Linda Sammaritan, the live version of Debbie Hansen in Book 1: Sparkles from Silence of  the World Without Sound trilogy.

GENERAL HISTORY: For years, I tried to be perfect wife, perfect mother, perfect teacher, and I crammed so many activities into my days, twenty-four hours couldn’t possibly hold them all – perfectly. Once I became an empty-nester, I discovered the motto, “relentlessly eliminate hurry.” Where were those three words when I juggled full-time teaching, attended every sports event in every season for each of three sons, and still tried to find time for extras like, say, Date Night with my equally busy husband or lunches out with the girls, or a quick trip to visit my parents six states away?

ANCIENT HISTORY: I started life as an Air Force brat, moved all over the country more than a dozen times before entering high school. My deaf sister was born in the midst of all those transfers. From the age of four, I knew I would be a teacher. I attended college as a special education major, met a great guy, Jack, married him, and had three sons in under five years.

When our boys were small, I was a stay-at-home mom. We collected our gear and went to the pool in our small town in Indiana, Eric on his trike, Adam in the baby bicycle seat, and Danny in the infant snuggly strapped to my chest. When it rained, everybody donned galoshes (how about that for an old-fashioned word?), and we stomped through mud puddles to our everlasting glee. It was fun.

It was exhausting.

In order to do something more grown up than play alphabet bingo with my oldest, I started to write. I won a contest! I submitted articles to magazines. They were accepted! Cool! I kept writing until my youngest had a couple years of elementary school under his belt, and then I returned to my first love. Teaching.

RECENT HISTORY. As of May 2016, I retired from teaching. Twenty-five years. Wow!

I never thought I’d care whether I became a grandma or not. Grandmas are old ladies. Surprise! As soon as the first kiddo was born, I was hooked. Years later, we have a seventh grandbaby on the way. No matter where they live, and they all live out of state, I’ll find the time and the finances to travel and visit every two months for the first year of the new baby’s life. You gotta stop and smell the roses with those little ones. Now that my oldest son holds the same military rank as my father did when he retired, experience tells me: those grandchildren will be in college before I have a chance to blink twice.

FUTURE. The only reason I retired from teaching was to pursue writing, a growing passion.  I can’t wait to see where God is leading with this new adventure. Will I be a bestselling author? Will I blog and write for friends and family to my heart’s content? Something in between?

Work-In-Progress (WIP). I have so many story ideas, I expect to be the Grandma Moses of 21st century literature! Right now, I ‘m finishing a middle grade novel series based on the true story of my sister and me, World Without Sound. Tricia was born with multiple disabilities, profound deafness being the most intimidating. The planned trilogy covers the first five years of her life as she and the family struggle to communicate. Think about it. A person who has never heard language, never heard thunder, never heard train whistles or leaves rustling in a breeze is instructed to use her voice to communicate with words. Fifty years later, it still isn’t easy, but my sister has earned three college degrees—which outclasses me by a long shot!

Check out my blogs. Yes, plural. Putting on the New is a faith-based group blog. I love writing down the thoughts that have come to me during my devotion time with JesusNine authors contribute to Scriblerians which is filled with book reviews for parents who would like good ideas for their children’s reading material. And in between, I’ll add posts to my blog page right here which may cover faith, literature, my writing journey, or family issues.

If you’ve scanned all the above paragraphs, you know I’ve lived life for a while now. I’ve learned  what seems to be perfect probably isn’t, and what appears strange and intimidating might become an amazing blessing. May anything written on this site bring encouragement to all those who read it.


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