I love good books. I love interesting metaphors.  I like to explore Biblical topics. And sometimes, I just need to vent!

Our Power to Save

Whenever I pick up The Bronze Bow, a beautiful novel by Elizabeth George Speare, another vital life lesson strikes home. I used to read it every year to my fifth grade class. And every year, I couldn’t make it through the whole book without breaking down into tears...

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Maybe Today

“I’ve prayed and prayed, and God doesn’t answer.” How many times have I heard that from frustrated people? I have voiced the same complaint. Faith and hope beckon to me with peaceful smiles on one side of an abyss while disappointment sighs and resentment scowls on...

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Savor the Moments

  My initiation into the world of sports began thirty-five years ago when my oldest son ventured into the world of t-ball. As each brother reached the grand old age of four, he joined the ranks of youth baseball teams. Sitting on uncomfortable bleachers was no...

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Promises Kept

The granddaughters had walked their baby dolls in the stroller, put together some puzzles, played catch with the giant ball, cooked dinner in their miniature kitchen, and scanned groceries into their cash register. Nona (me) was exhausted. The girls showed no signs of...

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Families Aren’t Like That Anymore

"Families aren't like that anymore." I've heard this comment repeatedly from my critique groups and beta readers of Sparkles from Silence as Debbie and her family pull together as a team. I understand what they mean, and their comment saddens me. What has changed?...

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Interview with Chip Mattis

Earlier this week, I reviewed a picture book that has the potential to be loved for generations. Today, I interview the author of Under the Dancing Tree, Chip Mattis. What was the seed of this story? What got it started? In 2010 my family moved my dad into a nursing...

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Under the Dancing Tree by Chip Mattis

Under the Dancing Tree is one of those rare picture books that caresses my heartstrings with the same tenderness of a harpist's fingers creating a gentle glissando. You may know that I contribute to a book review blog site called Scriblerians. Every once in a while, I...

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Frozen in Fear

Have you ever seen a mouse cornered by a cat? credit to Aug. 20, 2007 Not by a dog. Rover sniffs and snuffles, overjoyed that he’s closing in on the prey. With a dog there’s still hope to use lightning speed for an escape. But a...

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Picky Eaters

Babies are born. They suckle at the breast. They thrive on milk. Then they become toddlers. Toddlers want sweets. And hot dogs. They turn up their noses at spinach. They spit out filet mignon and inhale canned circles of spaghetti.  Mothers panic over possible...

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Submissions, Prayers, and Christmas

SUBMISSIONS I have spent December revising and polishing Sparkles from Silence because... I was working on deadline! Right after Thanksgiving, both an agent and an editor asked to see the complete manuscript. You can see why the novel took priority over every other...

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A Voice in the Bells

What a beautiful way to start December. Thank you, Ann Tatlock, for allowing others to share the message of God's love.

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I posted this a few years ago. Worth a repeat.

SCENE 1 Imagine a lake -- woods growing close to the shore, rolling hills in the background. The scene is filled with shades of blues and greens in water, earth, and sky. A sailboat skims the surface creating ripples in its wake. Far below, gentle currents flow...

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