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When God says no to my shortsighted demands, He shows me the beauty beyond.

Worthy of our Praise

Do you ever feel God doesn’t hear your prayers, that He doesn’t care? Have you been praying a specific prayer for forever, and nothing has happened?


I’m not promising easy answers to those questions. I’m still seeking answers myself. No cookie cutter solutions–which I’m sure you’ve already given up on, but I hope this blog site and author website can provide hope while we both wait for the God of the universe to finish His work behind the scenes.

Like us, Debbie and her family, the main characters in Reaching Into Silence, are waiting on God to help them through their struggles.  As I come up with ideas, I may post some little detail related to the plot. Something in life worthy of reflection. The questions we have for God, questions Debbie might consider. Occasionally, I add photos of my sister and our family, the real-life Debbie, Krista, Phil, and Wayne!

Also once a month, I post an article related to thoughts on God and people and the universe–spiritual metaphors.

I trust He has a perfect plan for me–and for you. Plans to make us better than we ever dreamed. The God who set the galaxies in motion and who put together all the parts of an atom is more than worthy of our praise!

My Blog

The Fifty-Year-Old Question For My Deaf Sister

The Fifty-Year-Old Question For My Deaf Sister

How does my sister feel when she’s left out of conversations in the hearing world? Lost? Angry? Resigned?

How does my sister feel when she’s left out of conversations in the hearing world? Lost? Angry? Resigned?She agreed to an interview.

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World Without Sound

World Without Sound is a fictionalized version of our family’s struggle to communicate with my deaf sister. Tricia was a “German Measles” baby, born at the end of 1964 in the middle of the rubella epidemic. Hundreds of thousands of children were born with severe disabilities.

Tricia is profoundly deaf. She is also blind in one eye and has a mild case of cerebral palsy. At three months old, she underwent pioneer open-heart surgery to close a hole in the aorta.

What was it like to grow up with a sibling who couldn’t hear or speak? How did she learn our language? World Without Sound shares those answers with all who are interested.

Short Stories in Anthologies

While I enjoy reading fantasy and science fiction, I don’t write in those genres. My writing portrays real life, and each of my  published short stories is grounded in a true event.

“Right 232” in Light Bearers is nonfiction. My father never told us what happened until years after his miracle.

“Higher Ground” in Hodgepodege recounts some real events that my parents experienced in Hurricane Irene.

The idea for “Save the Last Dance” in Dancing Up a Storm came from my high school years. However, the main character is a vague (and better) version of me at that age! 


Fifty years ago, most schools for the deaf believed teaching deaf children to speak was the most helpful form of education if they were to get along in the hearing world.  So I never learned sign language when I lived at home with my sister. Times and attitudes have changed.

Do Not Delete Notes

George Santayana is credited with the statement, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Today’s cancel culture is deleting important facts from current events and historical records. This is my personal effort to preserve historical facts so that we are not condemned to repeat our mistakes.

Hard times make hard men. Hard men make soft times. Soft times make soft men, Soft men make hard times.   I wish I could credit the four lines above to the person who created it, but I heard it on some talk show and didn’t know the man who spoke them. Nor do I...

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Disinformation: A Web of Distortions

Disinformation: A Web of Distortions

The Name of the Game During the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union and its satellites, disinformation was the name of the game. On all sides. Below are a few quotes from a 2002 Reuters report. "You would try and recruit a journalist and he would...

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The Worst Attack On the Capitol

The Worst Attack On the Capitol

On July 21st of this year, Nancy Pelosi stated that the January 6 insurrection was the “worst assault on the Capitol since the War of 1812…an attempt to overthrow the government.” By taking selfies with their cell phones? I watched the footage of that day. In one...

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Clear communication is a big deal. That’s what my book series is all about! Timely communication is important, too. I try to respond to all comments and questions within 48 hours.

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