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When I was a little girl, my favorite stories were all those romantic fairytales produced by Walt Disney. Cinderella goes to the ball in a beautiful gown and falls in love with the prince. After dealing with the mean stepmother, they live happily ever after. Snow White is poisoned by the wicked queen, but Prince Charming bestows a true love kiss upon her lips, and they live happily ever after. Sleeping Beauty is placed under a spell by her evil fairy godmother, but the prince finds her, another true love kiss, and—you’ve got it—they live happily ever after. I believe I pictured all three heroines living in their exquisite wedding dresses for every one of those happily-ever-after days!

Humanity hasn’t changed. My granddaughters play dress-up in much the same way I did. Elsa in her ice blue raiment. Ariel’s mermaid finery. Belle’s ballroom gown. The modern Disney corporation may try to alter the message somewhat, but little girls still want to be beautiful and beloved.

Reality sets in once a girl has grown up and married her own Prince “Charming.” No mere man can provide her with “Happily Ever After.” At best, she marries a good man who puts up with her own less-than-charming attributes. Together, they plow forward through life’s calamities and soar in victory flight when life is good. At worst, the prince turns into a toad, and her life is shattered by infidelity, apathy, or violence.

Fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs were originally created as a means to teach Christian values to children. I like to believe that the Happily-Ever-After fairy tales do the same thing. Jesus is the Prince. The Church Universal is the Princess. Satan is the villain of the times. If the Church is the princess–the Bride of Christ–and I am an organic member of the Church, then I… am the Bride of Christ!

Who is my groom? The King of Kings!

We met on the day of my salvation, and I’ve been in love ever since. We’re engaged to be married at the wedding of the Lamb. Each day is filled with preparations and anticipation for the Big Day.

As with many betrothals between kings and their intended brides, I have a long journey from my original home to the country of my Beloved. There have been detours off the highway, but my Fiancé has allowed plenty of time for delays. I won’t be late for the wedding.

The King has also given me permission to invite anyone I wish to the nuptials, so by the time I arrive, I may have quite a crowd ready to celebrate with me since I can continue to invite the people I meet on the way.

While I continue the journey, my stained traveling clothes appear a bit worse for wear, but once I’ve reached my destination, be prepared for a stunning transformation. My wedding ensemble will outshine the most diamond-bedecked gowns Disney can imagine.

What joy! What anticipation! And the King of Kings and I will live happily ever after!


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