I love good books. I love interesting metaphors.  I like to explore Biblical topics. And sometimes, I just need to vent!

Blood-Sprinkled Warrior

I am a warrior bride, a princess warrior bride, sprinkled with the blood of Christ. Under my Father’s protection, Satan cannot destroy me. In fact, he fears me! I hesitated to type those bold, seemingly arrogant words, but “Bride,” “Soldier of Christ,” and “Child of...

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What’s On YOUR Bucket List?

Two years ago, for my very first post on, I published this blog topic. I believe it's worth repeating every once in a while. According to Irish myth, if you catch a leprechaun, he’ll regain his freedom by granting you three wishes. This universal...

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Can Our Loved Ones See Us From Heaven?

A lot of my friends—at home, at church, on Facebook—have lost family and close friends recently. One  lady has mourned the death of her son for over a decade. The hope of her child in heaven watching over her brings some comfort. Which is why we want to know the...

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The Winning Hand

Gambling nauseates me. Literally. The idea of someone losing their life savings over a game causes so much pain that my stomach clenches . A hundred years ago I might have been a temperance union biddy in high button shoes pointing her accusatory umbrella at drunken...

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Beauty for Ashes

Isaiah 61:3. Beauty for ashes. It’s not just a cliché. God never speaks in clichés. Cynical hearts may twist His pure words into a sneer of hypocrisy, but never think that God is the author of contempt. Isaiah 61:3 is a promise to rebuild what was broken. Creation is...

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Written Once Upon a Time

A few months ago, Mom handed me a fat file of papers that my late grandmother had collected. She suggested I might find items that would contribute to my book series World Without Sound. God bless Grandma! Our letters to her send me right back to childhood. Here is...

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Journey Through the Wilderness

I am not a happy camper. As in: sleep in a tent. As in: cook over a fire. As in: dig a latrine. EWWWW!! Tents invite mosquitoes. Creepy crawly things join me as I try to sleep on a bed of rocks. How can I gauge the temperature of an iron skillet over an open flame? My...

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As YOU Wish

“That day, she was amazed to discover that when he was saying, ‘As you wish,’ what he meant was, ‘I love you.’” So goes the narration early in the movie, The Princess Bride. It’s been almost thirty years since The Princess Bride was released. Like the little boy...

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The Hero Stands

Nothing rings epic like the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. While I am not a fan who follows every bit of trivia regarding the movies or the books, particular scenes thrill me. One is the battle in the spider’s lair. Frodo the Hobbit lies helpless, wrapped in a cocoon of...

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Thank you

As I continue to learn how to manage an author website and place pertinent information on it for your interest, I want to thank you, my first year's subscribers, for your support. 2018 will bring you more excerpts from Sparkles from Silence and tidbits about growing...

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Veterans Day

I was Daddy's girl. I'm sure my sister would tell you she was Daddy's girl, too. Our father had the gift of making sure each child felt special. If you have been reading excerpts of Sparkles from Silence, you know that our father was a fighter pilot in the United...

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Are We Almost There, Lord?

Growing up in the Air Force, I endured a lot of long car rides. We drove to a new home every few months, eventually stretching that to every three years. We drove to visit family and old friends, hours and hours rolling past flat lands or hills or mountains. We always...

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