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I am a warrior bride, a princess warrior bride, sprinkled with the blood of Christ. Under my Father’s protection, Satan cannot destroy me. In fact, he fears me!

I hesitated to type those bold, seemingly arrogant words, but “Bride,” “Soldier of Christ,” and “Child of God” are all used in the Bible to describe Christians and the Church.

E.M. Bounds in his Guide to Spiritual Warfare says, “Satan trembles and cowers in the presence of the blood-sprinkled warrior.”

Me? Satan is afraid of me? I am weak and puny. I’m an easy mark for the enemy. How can Bounds utter such an absurdity?

He continues. “He fears the power of that blood more than the attack of a legion of archangels.”

Ah, he makes more sense now. I had emphasized the phrase as “blood-sprinkled warrior.” He emphasizes “blood-sprinkled warrior.”
Because this princess turns to Jesus, because I climb into my Daddy’s lap and pour out my prayers before Him, because—and here’s the key—His blood protects me, Satan fears me.

As a warrior, I have no powers of my own, yet Jesus has armed me with His sword of the Spirit. He has fitted me with breastplate, helmet, and shield, protective gear made to withstand demonic attacks. In my Blood-blessed armor he cannot defeat me.

Take courage, you who call Jesus the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We are His children. We are kings and queens of Narnia. We are prince and princess warriors.

And we are invincible!

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