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A graffiti artist plans his “masterpiece” on the wall of a vacant building. He sprays a first stroke, a series of orange swirls.

“You call that art?” taunts a rival gang member.

The artist ignores him, the finished mural emblazoned in his mind. Glowing swirls are only the beginning. As the scene takes shape, anyone passing by can see the potential of its beauty. People stop to admire.

The artist takes a break and leaves for more supplies. When he returns, profanity is scrawled across his magnificent golden sunrise. Black X’s slash through pink-rimmed clouds. As the artist stares in dismay at the tragedy, a thunderstorm erupts, and torrents of rain smear any still-wet paint. His work appears ruined. He spends the rest of the day staring at what remains.

Twenty-four hours later, the locals gaze in awe at the transformation. Purple and gray hues have blended with the X’s, creating thunderheads hovering over a rough ocean made with zigzags of black and green. Above and to the left, remains some of the original golden glow. Added light pierces through the dark sky displaying the effect of a receding storm.

A bystander whispers, “Victory!”

Was it the artist’s fault that his enemies vandalized the masterpiece? Could the wall have stopped the attack or prevented the water damage?

God is the artist; every new believer is a blank wall. The world scoffs at God’s unfinished work. People see the sins of supposed Christians and sneer, but what if the Creator has just begun to shape a brand new Christian? The enemy constantly tries to destroy His handiwork.

Unlike the inanimate blank wall, Christians have some choices as to how they can react to the problems and struggles in life. However, God’s role provides the greatest contrast in this parable. Unlike the street artist, the Lord is aware of every problem that approaches, and in His infinitely powerful mind He already knows how to incorporate what was meant for evil into the design. With our stumbling mistakes, with Satan’s destructive actions, the masterpiece is finished just as He planned.


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