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Fiction used to be the greatest love of my life. I read for information at school, and eventually college, but never would I voluntarily pick up nonfiction for pleasure. The only nonfiction I read every day was the Bible. When people shared about a great Christian book they’d read and how it had helped their walk with the Lord, I would think, “Why should I read about someone else’s experiences? They are as fallible as I am.”

Somewhere during my years of maturing, I realized other Christians had plenty to teach me. They had studied more, or their experiences related to my own. How did they solve a particular problem? What had God taught them.? What could He teach me through them?

I can no longer live without nonfiction.

Of course, I don’t approach nonfiction books in the same way I do nonfiction. I gobble fiction, stuffing myself with a book in a day, reading hours at a time. Nonfiction is best when nibbled. A page or two, maybe four, at one sitting. Reflect on it. Pray about it. An exquisite snack shared with the Lord.

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Which brings me to Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. I can understand why the book is a bestseller. Every sentence is a rich, sweet nugget of wisdom. I want to call them Love Truffles in keeping with this food metaphor! I can only digest one page a day, and one is more than enough. Young paraphrases words from Jesus,  answers to her own prayers, and shares His love with the world.

Many of us adore chocolate and bemoan the calories.  Love truffles from Jesus Calling are more delicious than your favorite fudge, and what’s even better, they’re some of the most nutritious words you can add to your reading diet.

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