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As I continue to learn how to manage an author website and place pertinent information on it for your interest, I want to thank you, my first year’s subscribers, for your support.

2018 will bring you more excerpts from Sparkles from Silence and tidbits about growing up with a deaf sibling. I will continue to write blog posts concerning the Christian faith-walk and update you on any news of my publishing progress.

I also plan to offer freebies periodically, as a thank you, and as a way to spur interest in those who happen to read a post but have not subscribed to it.

I sit at the computer now, watching snow fall in a perfect White Christmas milieu as I wait for the arrival of children and grandchildren. I am blessed.

May your Christmas be filled with blessings as well, and may the coming year bring you joy, faith, hope, and love.

Merry Christmas!


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